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Are you looking for a free hit counter to track the number of visitors to your web page?

Totally Free Counter is a free traffic counter that offers you the simplest solution to professional visitor tracking on the web today. With a variety of designs available, you will find the perfect free counter to suit your needs. All of our web counters operate in real time so you won’t have to wait for stats to start coming through. When someone visits your website you will know right away!

How do you get started with your free web counter?

All you have to do in order to start tracking visitor traffic to your website is follow three simple steps.

Choose your hit counter on the right
Click the button below to select and copy code
Enter the code onto your website
Counter html code:

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HINT: You must enter the code for the hit counter before the </body> section on your website code

All our counters are 100% accurate and easy to use. We provide a simple method to track all visitors that enter your site via our popular website counter. Please check out our great selection of web counters to suit your website’s design, style and personality.


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